I don’t know how long I’ve had the broken capillaries on my face, but I know they’re visible in my 8th grade picture. That was over 30 years ago and they’ve just increased over time. It was really difficult as a younger woman. I was always so self conscious I would never go anywhere without “my face on.” You care about these physical imperfections less as you age, but this one I couldn’t get over. I could NEVER look good without make up on, and the severity required me having to purchase expensive makeup over the internet in order to cover it. Summers were absolutely miserable as the makeup would just melt off my face and get all over my clothing. Totally embarrassing! When I heard about Body Bright opening locally I just had to check it out. I was totally surprised at the affordability of the treatments, I always thought laser skincare was extraordinarily expensive and completely out of my reach. Luckily that wasn’t the case. Lori got rid of all the broken capillaries and now is helping me get rid of those telltale signs of my Italian heritage above my lip.


I saw Lori’s ad in the Kudo’s, so I thought I would give it a try, as I am 58 years old,I have recently lost 65 pounds. and I want to do something for myself, I have a lot of wrinkles around my mouth, neck, & deep laugh lines, when I met with her she suggested 2 chemical peels before I start the Matrix, as of now I have done the 2 peels and 1 Matrix, everything that Lori has told me so far is right on, I have complete faith and trust in her, I will write again as time goes on as it will take a couple months to notice a difference. I did see a difference with the peels so Im really excited to see the change with the Matrix.


I just wanted to say thanks for my recent visit and let people who check your site know what an amazing job you do. I had a HUGE skin tag growing under my eye which was hideous to look at in addition to being painful and aggravating. Due to it’s location I was really unsure of getting it removed as I was frightened of the pain. Lori was a trooper and was really understanding of this Nervous Nellie having a breakdown in her chair. Lori loaded me up with this miracle pain relieving cream of hers and was really patient with me as I insisted on letting it numb for the maximum amount of time. It was all worth it in the end, as by the time Lori started removing the tag, I literally did not feel a thing! I was so relieved to have that thing gone, but even more relieved that it was done so easily and painlessly. It took less than one minute. I had an amazing first experience with Lori and Body Bright Laser and will be back for more treatments really soon.



Lori has made me feel young again. My problem area was my mother’s turkey neck. She has worked her wonders towards a new me. She is also working on my marionette lines. I have complete faith in her and my path to a more younger looking face.

Judy O’ Higgins

“It was such a pleasure getting to know you and learning what an amazing entrepreneur you are. Thank you sharing your story with me , you are truly an inspiration! I would love to be part of your success story and am excited about getting a facial “upgrade”- at my age, that’s a big deal! See you soon.”

“Thank you so much for helping me look my best – I think I lost about a dozen wrinkles in just 2 treatments! I am so glad that you started Body Bright Laser and I am blessed to know you!”

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